What do our clients say about us and our services?

When I first heard of your services I was a bit skeptical because it was such a good price. Now that we have completed what I came to you for, I can say that al the skepticism is gone. You were very prompt with any questions I had and the initial setup of my corporation was much faster than any other company even promised, and a fraction of the price! The flexibility to setup a business with just what is needed is great. I didn’t have to get fancy expensive binders and stock certificates like other companies force you to pay for. All in all it was a great experience and hope to do business with your company in the future. Thanks again.
Matt Bell
Having an S-Corp set up for me by JP Squared was one of the smartest financial decisions I have ever made. The minimal investment I made for the set up of the entity has paid off immensely each year as I sit down to have my taxes done. I work in a position of an Independent Contractor, and each new year was always a time of stress as I anticipated having my taxes done, and worried about having the money to take care of it. After having my S-Corp set up, I am able to breathe much more comfortably that time of year. The savings has been in the area of thousands and thousands of dollars. The convenience and professionalism that was conducted by JP Squared was of the highest quality, and I continue to appreciate the service and attention that is offered by Jacob and his associates.
Shawn Hooper