WooClick – Clickbank Notification Plugin for WooCommerce


We are exited about this new plugin that makes it easier than ever to sell courses, memberships and other digital products that are housed in WordPress, VIA Clickbank. Learn more below.


Introducing a must have addon for anyone who wants to fulfill product sales from Clickbank on their WooCommerce website.

Dear Developer,

I had to develop this plugin out of necessity. I have a large number of digital products, including online video courses, that I sell online and have to be managed in terms of user access, via WooCommerce. This made it virtually impossible to grow my business with Clickbank. Why?

Because with Clickbank you have to designate a Thank You Page URL when you setup a product, and you MUST deliver the product on that thank you page. Well… if your product is a downloadable book, or an online course, you don’t want to just make that available to anyone who has that URL… you want to protect it and only grant access to someone who has made the purchase.

So, what the top Clickbank vendors do is to use a little know Clickbank service used to send a notification to your website that allows you, IF you know what you are doing, to create a new user account for the customer and immediately give them access to the products they have bought WITHOUT creating a publicly accessible page that anyone could put on Facebook so their friends can download your product also.

This plugin does this for you. And it is EASY!!

STEP 1: Simply install the Plugin on your WordPress site where you have WooCommerce installed.

STEP 2: Configure each of your Clickbank accounts to the plugin.

STEP 3: Visit the product page in WooCommerce that you need to connect to a Clickbank product.

STEP 4: Select the corresponding Clickbank product in the pull down menu.

DONE!!!!!!! Now when the customer finishes checkout on Clickbank and clicks the green button to access their product our plugin will automatically set them up with a user account on your site and create their WooCommerce order with that product in the cart and give them immediate access on the order complete page.


  • You can configure this plugin with multiple Clickbank accounts
  • WordPress user account is automatically created using standard WordPress hooks
  • New widget is added in edit product screen where you can select the Clickbank product you want to “map” to that WooCommerce product
  • You can map multiple Clickbank products to a single product in WooCommerce in case you have the same product in multiple upsell flows in different accounts


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