Receive Weekly Safety Tips

We live in a dangerous world.

There is a 5% chance that you will be reporting a crime this year.

The question really comes down to how prepared and aware you are.

That is why once a week we send out an email with a safety tip.

These short emails are concise and to the point. Read them and you will be more prepared to deal with a world that is spiraling downward.

What you WILL NOT GET:

Ads promoting you buy courses and products

Crazy doomsday style prep for Armageddon ideas

What you WILL GET:

How to detect when someone is tailing you

How to tail someone else

How to hot wire a car

Safety tips for travel, for your home, for your car

Security system tips that don’t involve expensive equipment or monthly fees

How to talk to your kids about guns, strangers, and playground safety

And Much Much More!!!

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