Who Is JP2 USAFT on My Bank Credit Card Statement

Are you wondering how JP Squared Consulting came to charge you money on your bank account or credit card? JP Squared Consulting is a small business based out of Arvada, Colorado that manages a lot of different things. It is not uncommon for us to get phone calls from our own clients wondering who JP Squared Consulting is and why we have recently charged their credit card. Because we own such a large number of web properties and deal is so many different businesses, we can’t blame you for not always making a connection with JP Squared Consulting and the actual product or service you purchased from us.

The vast majority of our credit card charges are for Firearm (CCW) training classes and firearm related accessories like targets and holsters. We teach in person and online firearm training courses in several US States. To reference this part of our business visit www.usafirearmtraining.com

We also have a large number of clients who subscribe to our Email Marketing program: MyEmailProgram.com

We also incorporate S-Corps, LLC, and other business entities in Colorado and Utah.

We also do a lot of web design and internet marketing consulting work.

If none of that sounds remotely familiar we invite you to call 303-848-8575 and inquire about your charge before calling your bank.

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